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Do parent get notified if the child is not feeling well?

If the child is not feeling well teacher can report sick in the app with relevant descriptions and the parent will be alerted on the mobile app.

How parent will get notified of his child’s Nap status?

The teacher has the option to update nap and child’s diaper changing status with mention of time, parent will get instant notification once teacher updates.

Does the parent get notified about the child’s after-school daycare activities?

Yes, there are three options to update for child’s meal status has he eaten the full meal, half meal or hasn’t eaten anything, the parent will be notified as the teacher updates the status in the mobile app. 

Can Schools set up kids’ meal timetables in advance?

If the school offers meals in the daycare facilities, they can set the meal timetable in advance which can be weekly or monthly. This helps schools to avoid last minutes procurement and delays. Parents know the timetable and can inform the school if the child is allergic to any food.