8 Ways Nigeria Schools Can Benefit From School Software

Running a school profitably in Nigeria is not as easy as ABC. No thanks to the numerous hurdles that must be crossed. However, cutting-edge technologies have opened up new opportunities for a discerning educational manager to stay on top of the game. The COVID-19 pandemic has opened our eyes to the need for every educational institution to embrace cloud management of schools.

Besides, a Nigerian school that is not embracing the cloud in today’s world will not be in business in a few years to come. However, for a successful online presence, school management software is inevitable. It will not only take a school to the next level of development but help in smoothening the management processes for enhanced efficiency. Here are some of the reasons to get the software.

1. Enhanced Content Management
Content management becomes easier because all materials are stored in one secure place. This makes it easier to create various courses and store crucial information. If a cloud-based ERP system is used, all members of created teams will have easy access to it.

Besides, it facilitates collaboration between internal and external teams for optimum effectiveness. With unrestricted access of team members to materials using any device, they can seamlessly carry out required tasks or learn new things.

2. Efficient Course Management
A good school ERP software will enable teachers, students as well as parents to monitor the progress of different courses. That is why they can be more efficient in utilizing their in-class and after-class time. Also, the school will be able to conduct examinations as well as board meetings without much hassle.

3. Effective Tracking of Student Progress And Behavior

It is easy to track and report students’ progress with flawless school management software. The achievements and experience of each student will help in personalizing content for maximum performance. Hence, you will be able to enhance program or course content to meet the demands of the majority of the students.

4. Stress-free Fee Management
A perfect school management system like RAROME School ERP makes it easier for you to collect school fees. The payment process is automated for effective accounting work. Parents will receive invoices as at when due through email so that they can settle the bills without delay.

Online school fees payment for parents and guardians comes with greater convenience. Since online payment is flexible, they can choose the method that works perfectly for them. Also, the school will use less paper, which reduces operational costs and this is good for the environment.

5. Decreased Teacher Workload
Since an online school management ERP can automate various processes that are not of primary importance, teachers will be able to focus on key functions. The software helps with secondary tasks like giving grades for test assignments, checking homework, among others. Hence, the workload of teachers will be reduced for enhanced efficiency.

6. Sound School Administration
With just a click of the button, school administration is now a piece of cake. From the time new intakes are taken to the point that they are ready for their first examination, you have nothing to worry about. You won’t have issues getting real-time employee details as well as vital information about them, such as leave status.

What’s more, having access to students’ records is seamless. Without wasting time, you can check students’ records to know the status of every student at any point in time. This will help the management to make vital decisions that can affect the lives of their students.

7. Reduced Education Cost
Learners can be asked to take some courses online to reduce the running cost of the school. This works perfectly for higher institutions as well as secondary schools. The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that we can many things online, including giving and receiving lectures.

8. Joining Forces with Parents to Enable Success
A school ERP solution makes it easier for today’s parents to be more involved in the educational activities of their children. They can easily check attendance, grades, results, etc. to know how their children are progressing. This makes the kids more serious because they know that they are being monitored now and then. Hence, collective objectives will be easily met for ultimate effectiveness.

RAROME School ERP Solution
RAROME School ERP system is very popular in Nigeria because of its user-friendliness. It is the result of years of research by first-class professionals who have a wide range of experience in managing educational institutions. It is developed with the school managers, parents, guardians and students in mind so that it can be a win-win situation for all stakeholders.

Besides, it boasts top attributes like HRMS with Payroll, Online Payment option, convenient report generation, compatibility with Android and iOS, just to mention a few. It can be customized to meet the need of the school to achieve the most satisfactory result. Support is available every day, all year round.


8 Benefits of Online Fee Payment for Schools

Online payment cannot be ignored in today’s fast-paced world, especially if you want to boost productivity. Almost all sectors of the economy utilize it, including the education sector. The use of school management software with an online fee payment feature has many benefits for a school. This piece reveals them, and they are discussed below.

1. Faster and Saves Time

A school ERP software will automate the school fee payment process, which will make accounting staff work faster. They can easily monitor cash in-flow for effective bookkeeping. It will also reduce the number of accounting employees needed to run the accounting department. Also, schools can send invoices to parents and guardians through email or any other means for quick bill settlement. Furthermore, parents and guardians will go through the payment process more easily because they can make payments without stress. They can pay anywhere and anytime, even if they are in the restroom. They are good to go with the right device and an internet connection. They don’t need to visit the school to pay or waste valuable time at payment centres.

2. Flexible payment methods

The flexibility of payment methods is another benefit of a school ERP solution with an online fee payment feature. With various options available for parents, their convenience will be greatly encouraged. With easy-to-follow steps as well as smooth processes, customers’ satisfaction is guaranteed.

3. Paperless Transactions

With the online payment of school fees, there is a considerable reduction in the rate of paper transactions. Since the whole world is now more conscious about climate change, it is important to key into this. Hence, schools should play their part in encouraging environmental-friendly ways of doing things. By reducing paper consumption, the school will be contributing its quota to a better environment. Invoice and receipts are sent by email thereby eliminating the use of paper receipts and invoices.

4. Safe and Secure

Online transactions are more secure and safe because parents don’t have to worry about carrying cash around. They don’t need to worry about men of the underworld, who are always on the lookout for who to prey on. They can make payment in the comfort of their homes or offices, which is a win-win for them. Besides, top school management software, like Rarome School ERP, come with data protection tools that protect users from online hackers. Hence, both the school and parents are adequately protected during transactions.

5. Easier to Track

Since the process is automated, tracking it is a piece of cake. Schools can send invoices to parents via email, which will be saved in the cloud. Hence, parents or guardians will not make the mistake of losing them. As soon as the bills are settled, the school will send receipts to parents for proper documentation. The school will have a copy, and everything is saved in the cloud. No paper to carry about for both the school and parents.

6. Customizable Features

Online school management ERP with features for school fee payment enables customization of fee classification according to the needs of the school. For example, it is possible to create different categories such as Academic, Exam fee, Sports, Transportation, Late Fee and so on. Besides, you can create discounts, such as Merit-based discounts, collect fines, edit or add fees, among others.

7. Data Backup

A cloud-based school management system with an online school fees payment attribute provides swift backup for your data as well as seamless synchronization. Hence, simplifying, automating and deploying library databases is a stroll in the park.

8. Fee Notifications

Late payment of fees is eradicated or reduced, thanks to the notifications features on the ERP system. Parents will receive real-time notifications, auto-reminders, SMS alerts, emails, as well as mobile push notifications so that they won’t forget to settle their bills.

Choosing The Right School ERP For Processing School Fees

There are many ERP systems around but choosing the one that meets your expectations is not a stroll in the park. You must consider many factors such as affordability and easy maintenance before choosing . A good system will help the school to reduce expenses, which will lead to an increase in profit.

RAROME School ERP Solution

RAROME School ERP system is trusted by many educational institutions due to its clear-cut user interface, which is very easy to use. It is developed by a team of top experts who understand the needs of schools, parents, and students. Some of its features are HRMS with Payroll, an Online Payment option, and compatibility with Android and iOS, among others. Besides, it is customizable to meet the point of your need. If you are a multi-school owner, you don’t need to worry because there is a solution for you. Customer support is available 24 hours, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.


How can a School ERP Implementation be successful?

Why does most SchoolERP Implementation fail so often ?

According to analyst firm Gartner , approximately 75% of all School ERP projects fail, despite the industry’s focus on delivering better customer service and advanced IT systems. Ever Wondered why?

  • Most of the Schools admit they find the School ERP solution confusing
  • It becomes difficult for School staff to adapt to the new Software Solution
  • School ERP partners don’t possess a thorough understanding of School’s business requirements
  • Most School ERP providers try to deliver a standard ERP solution without caring about education institute customization due to SLA obligations
  • ERP is the biggest IT investments Schools of any size make.

Rarome School Management System Suite has been working for more than 2 years just to understand the requirements of School. We recruited industry veterans, teachers, School Accountants, even took advice from Parents from Schools of varying size. In the end, it was not tough to understand that Solutions provided are too confusing, over the budget due to implementation delays and School entities never used any random feature. What were missing from the School Management solution were the core areas of Student, Parent, Teacher, and Admins.

We actually deleted multiple features from our application suite to bring simplicity for the School authorities and leveraged more on the modules which are accessed more often by everyone. Development of new module just for the sake of differentiating Rarome School ERP from other ERP was never a thought. Instead, we focused more on keeping the user interface of the application very friendly and made sure that no other ERP holds a candle in terms of user operability.

We made a few stuff to make life easy for all-

  • Kept only relevant features which Schools want
  • Stellar User Interface which users love and not fear to use
  • With our expert understanding of the Varying process, we made different types of user manuals for teachers, students, Parents, admin, School Bus drivers and even the School Security
  • Giving top priority to School specific customization
  • Keeping the ERP cost to a bare minimum and yet providing better services round the clock

 Drop by the 14-day free demo and do share your views with us. We’re always listening!


Printing School Mark Sheets Making A Child’s Play

Ever wondered how a School makes a mark sheet for any Student?

It is very close to how you’d arrange the furniture in your newly moved-in home. You need to decide which furniture to be kept at which location to maximize space efficiency.

Just like your Furniture example, the School admins have a tough task in creating the template for the School and getting it approved by the exam grading authority. The admins need to arrange the subjects, provide the half year, full-year marks, add the teacher’s comment, Provide details of the School, Signature of the School coordinator, Parent signature space and much more in it so that the Parents get a detailed view of the child’s progress in a minimum number of pages.

To make things easier for the school, School Management Software provides the Schools multiple options of templates so all they have to do is to select the mark sheet template of their choice and start printing marks details of Students.

The Solution even provides the Teachers an option to save the marks of their subjects for an individual class’s students so that mark sheet data can be prepared quickly.

To know more about how School Software can help you in making the Marks Reports easily, Explore RAROME now! 


RAROME School ERP | HRMS | Payroll | RFID Attendance

The HRMS (Human Resource Management System) plays a crucial role in how Teachers apply for a job in School, how they are recruited, and work thereafter. The Schools in today’s day and age necessarily need not rely on full-blown HRMS solution but a rather a simple tool which can do what is needed in the School.

The core features of HRMS for a School should contain(at the least in our opinion):

1. Recruitment with Job application School website

2. Attendance for calculation of Payroll

3. Payroll (with Country specific Government compliances)

4. Leave management

5. Performance Appraisal

6. Teachers self-service

7. Teacher Disciplinary 

8. Mobile apps for all the above features

There are multiple School ERP which provides HRMS tools but very few tools focus on the School’s needs. Have a look at the RAROME’s very easy to use HR tool and make an informed decision.


Pupils Discipline In The School Is What The Schools Want

Maintaining order and discipline is crucial to the growth and survival of any sector, especially in the educational sector. In fact, it is the key to maintaining a standardized structure within the school system. It should be known that the concept of discipline is not limited to the students or the staff alone, but also applies to the school management as a whole.

To better curb and monitor indiscipline, it is imperative for schools to use School ERP software with discipline modules. This module helps to monitor or track students and teacher’s behavior and discipline. The discipline module serves to manage and control the actions, habits of students and staffs in class and the school.

Discipline modules in school management system record incidents like bullying, behavior, dress code and much more. Parents are able to receive reports and updates in emails or SMS, about the behavior of their wards.

This discipline module has a user interface that allows easy submission of complaints. Once the user of this software uploads the complaints – all the concerned parties are notified of the complaint. Discipline modules or software contains features like; tracking of punishment, maintaining of documents, reports generation and notification to parents.

Explore the demo of RAROME School ERP to know more on how disciplinary action works.


The Art Of Keeping School ERP Cost Effective And Economical

Behind every successful school is an efficient school management system. Within just a decade, the use of ERP solutions has spread like wildfire. Independent applications like Payroll Management, Library management, Reporting Dashboard, Accounting were all catered by multiple vendors. In fact, there are quite a number of applications which still cater to a specific set of functions.

The hassles of managing multiple vendors for specific software applications and integrating multiple application within the same School premise requires time and money. To solve this issue, many famed ERP Providers entered the lucrative School ERP space but most of them, failed to understand the needs of the School-specific solution, perhaps due to varying needs of different size of Schools. A small school might not need an HRMS but a Large School Group might need a Multi-School Solution.

The list of ERP software is endless, deciding the right ERP is still a pain for many School admins.

School Management utilize School ERP software to reduce cost and increase productivity. It is, therefore, important to adopt a school ERP software solution that’s affordable and easy to maintain. Adopting such will greatly reduce the school’s expenses in general. So, when choosing an ERP system solution, users should make sure that the software offers great features, economical plans and most importantly ease of use.

It is no surprise to see some ERP’s offering minimal features and modules while those charging seriously high amount for ERP provide modules which are rarely being used by the Schools. 

Login to the RAROME School ERP‘s demo and see how easy and affordable it gets to start using an ERP system.


School Management Software Offers Unlimited Upload Of Pictures

Memories are priceless, and they are better preserved through pictures. Pictures play a vital role in keeping our memories fresh and help in building a connection. Schools can now integrate a photo gallery into the dashboard of their system. Photo galleries serve to create awareness of the school’s activities and invoke a sense of belonging to the students.

Schools achieve this function through the help of School ERP software. The Rarome School ERP software digitizes the basic functions and main events of the school. However, the type of ERP software solutions determines the amount of space available for uploading photo galleries. Rarome school management software offers unlimited upload of pictures.

Parents and students can also benefit from the school’s photo gallery by downloading the pictures and sharing them on social media. Such actions from parents and students further increase the awareness of the school functions.

With the help of school gallery, the school management can benefit from the following areas;

  • Uploading of pictures under specific categories and titles.
  • It offers unlimited storage space through the use of different album titles.
  • Provides access to the school management, or admin to upload pictures.
  • Creates links to social media account for the easy transfer of pictures.

School Visitor Management Software &Amp; School Security Systems

Ever heard of the Duty of Care? The duty of Care is the ability of an organization to effectively manage and secure the safety of the people on your premises. This is very important in the school environment, since providing secure access to the visitors and students coming into the school during huge events are crucial.

Before, the paper system of filling registers was the main method of securing access. This old method was not only time-consuming but also unsafe. However, there are better methods of securing access and this is due to advanced rarome school visitor’s management software that ensures optimum security and safety.

Securing access to the school premises can be a little bit hard, especially in new terms. This is due to the influx of new students and visitors into the school premises. Rarome school management system software helps in maintaining security through the use of smart visitor tags that contains the name and identify the visitors.

Software’s like this prevents unwanted visitors from roaming about the school premises. Good secure access software keeps an updated list of visitors on the school premises and reduces the efforts of the school employees in conducting visitors.


In-House Messaging Software Compatible With School Management System

Every staff needs a sense of belonging to an organization, for increased productivity, hence, the need for an in-house messaging system. This system is just as valuable as the major software used in the general operations of a school. Most importantly, it allows the school management software to send broadcast messages to a specific department in the school, or to the general body of staffs.

The Rarome in-house messaging software is compatible with most school management systems, and this is easy to implement. Furthermore, Rarome in-house messaging software offers schools the option of creating groups and sub-groups based on departments, teams, special projects, for easy communication.

Moreover, if the person you want to communicate with is not available, then you can send an Offline Message, which will be delivered once the recipient becomes available. There’s also a history list that allows you to keep track of all your past communications. It also allows the transfer of files between departments and to other sections.


School Management Software Integrated With HRMS &Amp; Payroll System

From just a small back-office function, Human Resource Management, or HRM has taken over the majority of the fields relating to the welfare of the employees in a Rarome school Management system. The Human Resources or HR was developed in a bid to maximize the productivity and well-being of teachers and non-teaching staffs.

Rarome School Management Software provides Human Resources Management (HRM) functions within an educational institution that focuses on the School management, guidance, and recruitment of the employees. The Human Resource Management uses strategic design to maximize an employee’s output in relation to the satisfaction of both the parents and students, but not to the detriment of the teachers.

HRM in schools is primarily concerned with overseeing the benefits and rewards design for employees and employee recruitment, training, performance, and development.

Recently, the HRM department of the Rarome school management software became integrated with the payroll system in the most school management system. This has definitely reduced the level of paperwork and inadequacies in payment methods. Payroll system refers to the process by which employees receive their salaries, and it involves balancing payroll data and tax reports.

When it concerns employee management, there are usually a lot of intricacies involved. The school HR management effectively caters to the employee demands via the following processes; training programs, performance evaluations and reward programs.


School Management System Manage Users As Teachers, Students &Amp;Amp;Amp; Parents

In every school management system, there’s always role management. Rarome School Role management allows the school to manage authorization and specify the resources that its users are allowed to access. Additionally, Rarome school management system enables the school to treat groups of users as units, and this is done by classifying the users as teachers, students, and parents.

The School management or administrator, in this case, can set up access permission for all the users; employees, students, and parents, of this software. The school management decides which of its users get read permission or write permission and update permission. This hierarchical system enables the administrator to create order and to protect valuable information from some users.

Managing users is done by using a login page In Rarome School Management System, where users can input their passwords and usernames. Schools can either use THE PHP Login controls for proper role management or through the Forms Authentication class to establish a user identity.

Additionally, the password and username will be linked to the students, parents, and admin. The password is encrypted and deposited in a database to prevent security breaches. Rarome School Management System Provides a perfect way to safeguard the operations of schools from unauthorized users.


School Management Software – Parent, Student &Amp; Employee Login System

Imagine a system where the teachers can communicate, send reports to both the parents and students, thereby saving the stress of communicating with both parties. Mind you, it’s a 3-way system that allows the exchange of communication between all involved parties.

Today, many schools have adopted this login system to improve and bridge the gap between the home and the school. It is usually software with a great user interface that allows the teacher to send information to either the student or the parents.

For the parent, the school provides a Guardian Login Information Sheet that will be used to open an account. This account gives you access to login to view the grades of your ward.

Furthermore, the parents receive important information from the school about their wards. Lastly, parents using this Rarome school management software login system are able to receive reports on the behaviour and performance of their wards.

The school provides a Rarome school mobile app username and password to the student after enrollment. The information is to gain access to this login system. With this Rarome school ERP software login system, students will be able to receive weekly report sheets, homework and other important information from the teachers.


Rarome Easy Customization Of International School’s Requirement

While selecting a School ERP software solution for your school management demands, it is vital to gauge the ease of customizing the app to the user’s preferred taste. A School ERP software solution without a good customization feature is practically ineffective. Although, features and functions like reliability, affordability, and effectiveness are important in the school management system.

However, the ability to tailor ERP software to the specific requirement of a school is more important. Rarome School ERP Software contains easy customization that gives the school more control over the general operations of the system and gives the students more connected to the school.

Most times, schools usually desire customization in personalizing the mark sheets, individual student’s report, payroll management and invoices. With the help of Rarome School ERP system, educational institutions are now able to achieve the desired customization in their day-to-day activities.

To make things easier, Rarome School ERP software now offers different packages that will best serve different schools. For, example, packages like the High School ERP software, contains applications that apply to the needs of high schools, while International school ERP software, and contains custom apps like multi-language options that cater to the high cultural diversity of such schools.


Rarome School Management System Software Generate Custom Reports

Flexibility is needed for the successful management of a school system. It is actually vital since it reduces the stress of adapting to a rigid framework. For this reason, when schools utilize ERP systems, there’s always a priority placed on the ability of the software to support and generate custom reports. Generating custom reports gives the school, a personal touch with both the students and teachers.

Rarome School management Software provides customized reports to the school that increase the productivity of its staffs. Just imagine a scenario where an admin staff of the school might need information about a group of students who were admitted in a particular month or a report on the Guardian details of a group of students in a single report. With customized reports, each of the users can access through the use of filters thereby removing unwanted and clustered information, in the process.

With Rarome school management systems, customized reports can be frequently modified with various details that are important in generating reports on the latest data on employees and students.

Lastly, the use of custom reports for report card module is widespread. Custom reports give users the choice to create pre-structure formats on their report cards.


School ERP Software Contains Applicant’s Registration Modules

Every year, most schools receive over a hundred applications. Such a high number of applicants can cause a lot of stress and expenses for schools. Furthermore, there are chances of errors, when dealing with such large number of applicant’s registration. It is, therefore, important to have a capable school management system that can handle such workload. The Rarome School ERP software contains Online Applicant’s registration Module that handles both existing and new students, and even the staffs. This module contains lots of functions that enable the school to function better.

The Rarome School management Software manages both the online admission and registration process, by storing school transfer certificates, birth certificates, photographs, family details, and previous school records. In short, this system practically covers every important detail about an applicant. Furthermore, it allows the registration of students, based on criteria and eligibility. The Rarome School ERP System provides following features in the Registration Module;

  • Upload and take pictures: Applicants can upload passport size photographs during registration.
  • Attach any type of documents: During registrations, documents like birth certificates and transcript can upload into the school system.
  • Record previous educational details: The system has the capacity to store previous educational records of the students. 

School Employee &Amp; Staff Management System &Amp; Software

Schools have become increasingly responsible for the management of staffs and support staffs, and each with an individual employment contract. The cost of staff management can be extremely high, especially if the school employs over 200 people. Most often than not, the workload is usually too much for the personnel or staff management department.

It is, therefore, important to adopt Rarome School ERP complete staff management solution that will increase the performance and efficiency of schools via streamline processes. With the Rarome staff management system, schools are now able to create flexible and reliable reports for easy staff management and analyze the best performing staff based on past data and achievements. Truly, Rarome staff management increases employee’s satisfaction and also increases their productivity.

Furthermore, schools with Rarome staff management software are able to post job opportunities online, analyze staff performance based on accurate reports, export staff data in multiple formats, and get accurate timesheet reports.

However, for a school to enjoy all the aforementioned benefits, the Rarome school staff management software has the following features:

Payroll management: the system automatically calculates payments including salaries, pension, overtime, and other benefits.

Optimize work allocation: proper allocation of work to staffs based on job types or time schedule.

Other important features of staff management include; Leave management, Attendance management, and Event schedule.


User Friendly Feature Of School Management Software &Amp; System

With the influx of new School ERP software solutions in the management of school’s management systems, there’s an increasing demand for carefully the important features. The Software solutions used in schools boast of amazing features like cloud technology, data dashboards, students’ tracking, and most importantly, ease of operation or how user-friendly it is. The user-friendly feature of school management software determines how easy it will be to operate.

School ERP software with these feature experiences a high number of users, students, parents, and teachers. Furthermore, due to the many functions in a school management system ; reports, finance, library, it is very vital to have a software that will make navigation easier.

Usability tends to increase the efficiency of the Rarome school ERP software in use. However, for users to properly gauge the user-friendliness of a school management systems there are some factors that should be considered.

Ease of learning: this is determined by the ease by which users are able to accomplish basic tasks with the object at first use.

Efficiency: the speed at which you are able to complete tasks after leaning the design.

Errors: the number and severity of the errors you make while using the design.   

All these features put together results into a dynamic user-friendly interface in the management of schools’ online portals.


School ERP Software Integrates With Automated Event Calendar

For the stability of an organization with multi-departments, there’s a need to properly integrate important events on a platform. Having an automated calendar will greatly help institutions, like schools in better event management. With this, there’ll be fewer issues of clashing events. By integrating automated Calendar into the school ERP software, different sets of users can input individual data into the school management system. Furthermore, once the user’s input data, the automated calendar arranges the information based on priority and the requirements.

Rarome School ERP System offers an effective way of managing a school’s important events, and it helps to keep parents and students aware of future events. Additionally, Rarome School Management Software provides Event calendar enables users to prioritize events. Different flag colors are attached to events based on priority. Furthermore, by using Rarome School ERP System, schools can add additional information on an event in a calendar.

Now schools no longer have to forget staffs birthdays, anniversaries and so many more events. Moreover, Rarome school management system offers an organized calendar that helps in increasing the prestige of a School. Lastly, this calendar offers the following features; compound news, events setup, fully responsive, and notifications.


Student Fee Collection Management Software For School & College

Collection and management of fees is a very critical operation for most schools or colleges and this is due to the frequent errors and inadequacies that are common in fee management. Using manual methods to coordinate and monitor the fee structure, puts a lot of stress on the clerical staffs.

Besides the huge workload for staffs, the school management also records a great amount of loss. Then comes the question: How can schools properly conduct fee management to reduce loss and inadequacies? By using Rarome  School ERP  fee management software to automatically calculate and manage term fees, fees concessions, additional fees, lunch fees, balance fees, exam fees and pending fees.

Rarome School ERP student fee management system helps to define the fee structure and dictates the type of fees to be collected for a particular course or class. In fact, the fee management system will efficiently manage the many details of a student’s past, present, and future fees.

When selecting a fee management structure, users should take note of the features, as they will determine the efficiency of your fee structure. The following features are vital in a fee collection management structure; User-friendly, Automatic fee processing, Scholarship management, track fees, online fee payment, auto-invoicing, alerts & reminder, and integration.


Online School Exam & Student Result Management System Software

Writing reports and collating results after a test or exam is always tedious and time-consuming to teachers. In fact, this process is usually dreaded by teachers, considering the stress of writing the marks of each student and carrying out the necessary calculation before awarding the grades.

Additionally, this drains the productivity of the teacher since valuable time is spent on results and reports. Exam and Results Management in School ERP is the solution to writing reports and results. By using Rarome school management system software with this module, teachers can now relax and focus on other pressing demands.

This online student exam & result management system solution not only benefits the teachers but also the students. Students no longer have to worry about wrong or inaccurate results, since there’s no chance for errors in this system. Rarome school ERP exam and result management software allow the teachers to publish student report cards and grades online.

All the teacher has to do is to input the marks into the system, and the school exam management system will generate the student report card automatically. What’s more? There’s no space for errors in this module.

Rarome School ERP online school exam and results management systems software possess features like; report generation, online exams, the creation of subject-wise tests, and publishing of online marks for the students and parents.


Mobile Based Online Student Admission Management System & Software

Yes, most of us are all too familiar with the rigours of the admission process in the educational sector, especially in private institutions. What was once a boring process for both school authorities and parents is now better and much more efficient. This is due to the use of software to manage the student admission process in schools.

Today, managing the enrollment of new and returning students is now paperless and effortless with this Rarome online mobile based student admission management school ERP software. With this, parents can now register their students and check their admission status from their own device. Additionally, it makes it possible for students from the far region to apply without any hassles. In fact, this new method of admission management system has reduced the cost of conducting admission in schools.

This time around, parents and students have a larger control over the process. With a smartphone, you can now complete applications, capture and upload necessary documents, and even decline or accept offers.

This influx of new technology has really changed the admission management of schools. This School ERP  new method gives the school, a quick access to student’s database for easy selection. Lastly, as we all know there’s a con to every pro, using technology for admission process increases the risk of security breaches, so care must be taken to manage the systems optimally.


School Management System Integrate With Tally Accounting Software

Manual entry of data can lead to a lot of errors and loss, especially when it involves financial data. It’s definitely not a surprise that schools are searching for good School ERP system management software that can handle the financial aspects extremely well, and without any errors. When searching for good school management system software, features like cloud technology, localization settings, and good integration are greatly preferred. Above all, the ability of a school management system to integrate with accounting software is paramount.

Rarome School ERP contains Accounting software like QuickBooks and Tally that helps to manage the school’s financial transaction like generating invoices, managing payrolls and keeping tabs on inventories. Rarome School ERP Accounting Software is extremely efficient and can handle the financial transactions of schools. Parents and teachers find these payment methods very efficient as they receive accurate invoices on the expenses of the students, and accurate payment methods.

In fact, with Rarome School ERP applications, a school’s financial system will experience an improvement in the accountability of funds and a large reduction in the cost of management. This software reduces the payroll of the accounting department since only a small team is required to use it.

With amazing features like POS, Inventory Management, Inventory control, Purchase Order Management, there’s probably no limit to the effectiveness of this accounting software.


Best Hostel Management Software For School Management System

Student accommodations involve a lot of paperwork and registrations. Since the accommodation process starts from the admission of the student to the fee payment. Schools find it difficult to maintain and manage hostel details due to the high number of paperwork and resources. In fact, managing a hostel was a big drain on a school’s resources until the integration of hostel management software into the school system.

Hostel management system is a vital tool used in maintaining accommodations details for both hoteliers and day students. This School ERP system allows the school maintains data on one platform and eliminates the error of allocating a room twice. This School ERP management system greatly reduces the workload, paperwork, and stress involved in hostel accommodations. Furthermore, this system manages the room allocation information, student details, fee structure, mess bill, room details and staff details of the hostel.

Truly, hostel management systems are extremely valuable to the general operations of schools. Rarome hostel management software is characterized by the following features;

  • Allocation of the room: this software keeps a record in the room that has been allocated to which student and at what charge.
  • Full list of wardens: hostel management software keeps a list of wardens with their full identification details including phone numbers and emails.
  • Fee collection: this software keeps track of the cost incurred by the rooms, from repairs to canteen charges.

School Bus GPS Tracking & Transport Management System Software

School management and parents are able to track and get notifications on the transport system. Parents no longer have to worry about their wards not taking the school transport or getting to school late, as they are able to receive notifications and updates on the whereabouts of their wards.

The school transport management system software takes care of the bus, routes, and drivers with the help of school bus GPS tracking system. This is to ensure the ease of transport and to increase the safety level. With this transport module of rarome school management systems software, parents and school managements receive updates on the progress of the vehicles and the fuel maintenance charge.

Furthermore, to increase security, the school management can save the details of the driver and conductor, in order to avoid any unforeseen danger. With the right transportation management system, schools can easily maintain a database for students and staffs using the transport service. The database is vital in charging the students for transport, either one way or two way.

Additionally, users can easily upload data for the route with all the transportation details. Lastly, schools can easily define timings for particular pickup station and drop out. 


School ERP Software User Friendly & Automated Dashboard System

The efficiency of school management systems and the ease of the navigating these systems is now better with the use of dashboard. Imagine a single online platform that contains all the important features or modules, needed for the general operations of a school system. This saves a lot of stress when navigating a school management systems since all the basic activities are integrated into the dashboard.

Most times, it is better to use a detailed and simple dashboard that will be easy for parents and students to use. People are usually more comfortable with simple designs, and this should be applied to dashboards.

The Rarome school ERP user-friendly & automated dashboard system comes with a lot of features, but the most important feature is the ability to fit perfectly into any screen size – be it a phone screen, laptop, and tablets. With the dashboard, schools can optimize different types of modules or functions in a single platform.

The different type of module that is managed by Rarome school management dashboard software includes; automatic school timetable, finance management, online homework, multi-language solutions, custom reports, HR management, and so much more. Lastly, this dashboard also contains an internal messaging system that can be integrated with texting or email tools. 


GPS Biometric RFID Based Smart Attendance System In Smart School

School management and parents now enjoy a closer relationship in student-related issues. Gone are the days when students were able to sneak away from school without any suspicion from the school management or parents. With systems like Rarome Smart School Attendance, the school is able to monitor and guarantee the safety of the students. Mind you, Rarome School ERP System increases the accountability of its employees and reduces the stress of writing on registers. Furthermore, guaranteeing the safety of students does not only reduce the worries of the management and parents but also increases the reputation of the school.

Smart attendance system exists in various forms and comes with a whole lot of benefits. Rarome Smart Attendance Management System consists of GPS tracking, Biometric, RFID, and a smart card. The school provides students with a smart card that is placed on the smart device to confirm the identity of the students. What’s more? The smart attendance system can also track and monitor the attendance and departure time of the student.

Besides tracking the arrival and departure time, it can also maintain every student’s daily, weekly and yearly attendance data. Lastly, Rarome Smart Attendance System does not require any technical knowledge, as it is extremely easy to operate.


Managing School Library With Barcode Readers Was Never So Easy

In recent years, there’s been a massive computerization and automation of library operation. The Rarome school library management system can now keep better track of its documents, the reading habits of students, check-ins, and check-outs prevent thefts, and check inventory. Furthermore, with the influx of barcodes and RFID readers, the use of the library has taken on a whole new meaning.

Using an automated School Management system to modernize the activities within a library requires a system for identifying, inventorying and managing books, magazines, CDs, tapes, videos, and DVDs etc. Embedded systems in modern libraries often use Barcode identification system and security

In recent times, the use of the RFID reader is now more popular than the barcode system. Rarome School ERP provides RFID features that are the perfect solution to library management, as they increase the efficiency and functionality of libraries.

Due to the fact that RFID readers use radio signals and thin electronic tags, libraries are able to quickly identify and locate all the books. The Rarome School ERP consist a library management system which speeds up the inventory process and improves the user experience via faster checkouts. Try one for free today.


Hassle Free Student Fee Management Software For School & Parents

Collection and management of fees is a very critical operation for most schools, and this is due to the frequent errors and inadequacies that are common in fee management. Using manual methods to coordinate and monitor the fee structure, puts a lot of stress on the clerical staffs.
Besides the huge workload for staffs, the school management also records a great amount of loss. Then comes the question: How can schools properly conduct fee management to reduce loss and inadequacies?. By using Rarome school ERP’s fee management software, schools can automatically calculate and manage term fees, fees concessions, additional fees, lunch fees, balance fees, exam fees and pending fees.
The Rarome fee management system helps to define the fee structure and dictates the type of fees to be collected for a particular course or class. In fact, the Rarome School fee management system will efficiently manage the many details of a student’s past, present, and future fees.
The parents, on the other hand, can view fee paid, fees outstanding & other financial data of the student accounts. It becomes very easy & convents for parents to even pay the fees online on the schools mobile apps.
When selecting a fee management structure, users should take note of the features, as they will determine the efficiency of your fee structure. The following features are vital in a fee management structure; User-friendly, Automatic fee processing, Scholarship management, track fees, online fee payment, auto-invoicing, alerts & reminder, and integration. 


Why Do Schools Management System Need Instant Software Support

Yes, school management systems enable educational institutions to run smoothly, but what happens when these systems fail? School ERP software basically run the general operations of the school from fee management to library management to staff management to login details to bus tracking to mobile apps. When the ERP software of a school system fails, there are usually a lot of consequences that might because of more harm if prolonged.
So what do you do when your school management system develops an error or crashes? Firstly, to avoid or minimize the risk of software failures, it is important to select a school management system that offers great features and a 24/7 support system.
Rarome  School management system with its 24/7 support desk helps the user to avoid a lot of unnecessary costs; software provider will immediately attend to any failures. These software providers have helpdesk staffs that will provide immediate assistance for minor glitches, or send technical experts for large-scale issues.
The 24/7 support services of Rarome School ERP software uses a new age innovative messenger tool for all its school & helps the school admin, principal, teacher, student, & even school bus driver in real time & is able to cover the hardware and infrastructure, operational applications and database support.


Good & Complete Student Information Management System Made Easy

Educational institutions usually experience difficulty in managing student data. However, with the use of Rarome School ERP student administration system, managing student data is easier and more effective. School ERP  system provides capabilities for enrolling students in courses, grading documents, transcripts, results of students and other tests.
Rarome School Management System is widely accepted and practised by many schools due to the fact that it cuts the workload by half, and greatly reduces the cost of maintaining student data. Furthermore, it maintains a centralized function for all student activities.
Rarome School ERP allows the school management and students to access data anywhere on the Internet with login usernames and passwords.
Good and complete student information management systems should have the following necessary features. Rarome School management system comprises of following features along with the additional features;

  • Ease of use; No one wants software that’s difficult to navigate. The system should be easy and simple to use, with a dashboard that provides a quick overview of tasks based on priority.
  • Good branch management; the management system must have the ability to manage multiple branches.
  • User management; the student management system should offer the user, access to counsellors, teaching staffs, branch managers and so on.

Free Complete School ERP System Software A School Will Ever Need

Yes, we live in a world where the use of a computer is commonplace. Technology has practically touched every aspect of our lives; from the healthcare sector to the Internet of Things to the Industrial sector, and most importantly, the Educational sector, via the use of ERPs to effectively manage the general operations of schools.

RAROME Enterprise Resource Planning is software that enables an organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate many back office functions. When used in a school setting, the ERP maximizes the performance of schools by reducing the costs of operations.
RAROME School ERP System has the following features; a stable support system, scalability, ROI benefits, and most importantly, it provides complete school ERP. Then comes the question; what makes an ERP complete?
A complete RAROME system is able to take care of almost all the functions of the institution. In fact, this should be the first criteria when selecting an ERP system. This is actually all that Schools strive for.
The RAROME School ERP system’s flexibility and ease of access enable the school to select, customize and deploy modules based on their requirements. With this type of ERP system, the school’s operational costs are greatly reduced while productivity increases.


Rarome School Management Students Parents Android IOS Mobile Apps

Do you know that there are over a hundred school management mobile apps? How amazing is that? The educational sector has never been better with the use of mobile applications. With mobile apps, the school management is able to handle complex functions such as fees, results, notifications, and so much more.

Since the invention of the smartphone and the major Operating Systems (OS); Android and iOS, the use and production of mobile apps in the educational sector has increased tremendously. At this point, mobile apps have become an integral part of school management. Furthermore, educational apps such as this act as a means of communication between a school, its employees, students, and parents. 

Rarome School ERP Mobile apps are basically designed for either Android OS or iOS. So, parents and students have the choice of downloading a school’s app via the two main platforms. Furthermore, these Rarome school mobile apps have additional features like multi-language support, SMS integration, School bus tracking, eBooks and even a school calendar.

Sometimes these apps come in paid or free version, with the latter lacking in a number of features, including custom reports, inventory, discipline, and registration.


Hassles In Migrating From Existing Software To A New School ERP

Imagine the stress of moving to a new home – from the moving of furniture to deciding the purpose of each room. Yes, migrating from an existing School ERP system is just as stressful as moving to a new home.

School ERP is important in the general operations of schools, and just like any software: an upgrade is necessary.

When migrating to a new ERP solution, schools should consider factors like accessibility, scalability, ERP deployment methods, and the cost of data migration and conversion.

Data conversion is one of the biggest challenges and cost drivers for School ERP migration in schools. It is not only time-consuming to the school management but also stressful. Either production or manufacturing data from an existing ERP system needs to be cleaned up and properly arranged to ensure its integrity in the new system

However, by using bulk Upload, migrating to a new ERP solution is now faster. How? By using some applications, it is possible to move and convert large quantities of data, without any fear of losing important information. School ERP provides an option that will enable you to upload all the School-specific data in a single batch or record by record.

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