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manual work is so thing of the past.

The Old Way

school authorities are over-burdened with the ever-demanding needs of parents and teachers.

The New Way

school directors, principal, teachers and parents now enjoy easy to use platform to share information easily

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teachers, parents, students, academic coordinators, receptionists, security guards, and even visitors can interact on your new school's app.

keeping teachers happy​

rarome has zero fancy features.
reduce teachers' burden with auto attendance, easy timetable, exam marks upload, leave requests, and payslips.

Dashboard Widgets.

birds eye view of everything happening in your institute right from the dashboard!​

School Fee finance.

get up to 90% of the entire school fee even before the new session begins. Parents pay in easy EMI's & never remind them about paying on time.

"teachers training was finished on-time and academic configuration was delivered ahead of schedule"

dharmendra dalsaniya

academic coordinator
Indian public school


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stop manual attendance fee reminders worrying about admissions

don’t worry about daily operational tasks anymore.


rarome has everything covered.

Automated reminders for fee defaulters

Online fee payment on mobile app

Attract Parents with better school infrastructure

New academic year enrollment & online admission forms

Automated reminders for fee defaulters

Online fee payment on mobile app

Attract Parents with better school infrastructure

New academic year enrollment & online admission forms

100% worry-free fees

fees collection was never so easy.

automated reminders for fee defaulters

online fee payment for school, transport, & other fees

fee fines, discount and beautiful reports

mobile apps

in school branding

teachers can view academic calendar

principal can assign tasks to teachers

parents and visitors don't have to call school ever again

rfid auto attendance

dont mark attendance manually ever again.

Automated reminders for absent students

accurate time entry of teachers

assign ID cards to parents too!

“it defintely is not ‘run of the mill” – its a great product where lot of thought and experince has gone in ”

Ramani Manjeri

Biswa Gouri Trust


“always ready for our team’s queries and we are happy that they’re focused on learning our problems and are very easy to work with.”

Surya Sashank


“fees collection was our biggest pain point, thankfully we don’t need to spend long hours to know which parent is yet to pay the fee.”

Saurav kumar

Shri Laxmi Narayan Vidyapeeth


free RFID auto-attendance for all schools using rarome.​

don't believe us? Sign-up with your school email address and we'll ship a complementary device for your institute within a week.​

Running a school profitably is not as easy as ABC. No thanks to the numerous hurdles that must be crossed. However, cutting-edge technologies have opened up new opportunities for a discerning educational manager to stay on top of the game. The COVID-19 pandemic has opened our eyes to the need for every educational institution to embrace cloud management of schools.
So what's the biggest pain point that all the schools face? 
Ask any school principal and you'll hear - Timely fees collection.
With rarome's innovative fee financing solution, schools can now get up to 90% of the total school fees before the academic session starts.
Online payment cannot be ignored in today's fast-paced world, especially if you want to boost productivity. Almost all sectors of the economy utilize it, including the education sector. The use of school management software with an online fee payment feature has many benefits for a school. This piece reveals them, and they are discussed below.