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RAROME is a School ERP developed by Industry veterans who together hold more than 100 years of collective experience working in Schools. RAROME comprises of multiple modules beneficial to the school's entities, like School Principal, School Admin, Teachers, Parents, and Students. 

RAROME team took its own sweet time in developing the solution as we knew that providing the solution to the school is a different thing and knowing what a School wants is another challenge.

Yes, we know there are numerous independent software applications present in the Schools which provide almost all of the features Schools use for daily operations, but only a RAROME School ERP does it in a way which the Schools prefer. We removed all the unnecessary and painful features which the School authorities never use. Only relevant features make its way into the RAROME suite and we’re very confident that the School Admins, Teachers, Parents, and Students will love the solution we’ve loaded into RAROME suite.


The only solution you'll need for managing School operations. RAROME offers a host of adaptable features to meet the needs of both schools and parents.

  • RFID Attendance Preview
  • RFID Attendance

    Student Entry/Exit Notification. Works for School staff too!

  • School ERP Preview
  • School ERP

    The most user-friendly School ERP ever made. Click to know more.

  • Accountant Preview
  • Accountant

    Presenting Smart Accounting for the 1st time on a School ERP

  • Admin Preview
  • Admin

    Manage Roles, View Reports, Create Polls, Notify and much more.

  • Principal Preview
  • Principal

    Teacher Assignment, Reporting Dashboard, & more

  • Librarian Preview
  • Librarian

    Issuance using Barcode/RFID, Auto-return alerts, fines & more

  • Teacher Preview
  • Teacher

    Smart Homework, In-house messaging, Student Discipline & more

  • Parent Preview
  • Parent

    Pay Fees online, View Student Progress Report, Photos, Results, & much more

  • Student Preview
  • Student

    Smart Homework, Blogs, Reports, Results and more.

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